BuShen Healing And Life Arts

Bushen is a place where individuals can obtain the services of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) by fully licensed, diplomate-accredited practitioners in East/West integrative medicine. Our mission is to provide a comfortable, caring environment where people can fulfill their personal vision of health and wellness under the guidance of professionals with expertise in Oriental Medicine.

The staff, under the direction of Michelle Davidson, offers Oriental Medicine, acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, herbs and teas, lymphatic massage, Tui Na, postural therapy, Tai Chi, and therapeutic Qigong.

For further information, contact:

Michelle Davidson, MPS, L.Ac
Diplomate in Oriental Medicine
914-241-0797 Ext 3094

Offices in Northern & Southern Westchester


Cupping is one of the treatment modalities employed in Traditional Chinese Medicine for Detoxification. We need to be able clear toxic substances from our bodies in order to be free from their influence. Cupping therapy is very useful in accomplishing that goal. Learn more about Michelle's Cupping Therapy...