Cupping is one of the treatment modalities employed in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It involves the attachment of cup like jars to the skin. This is done by creating a vacuum in the jar which allows them to adhere to the skin surface thereby drawing up congestion in the muscle layers below. Cupping has historically been used by many cultures for thousands of years in the treatment and prevention of disease. Traditional indications for cupping are pain and inflammation. In the clinical setting cupping is often used in the treatment of back, neck, shoulder, leg and abdominal pain.

Cupping is also frequently used to address disease of the lung such as asthma, bronchitis and certain types of cough. In my practice, I have also used cupping as an adjunct therapy in recovery programs. Bearing in mind that the lungs and skin are organs of detoxification, cupping in conjunction with certain acupuncture points, termed the Back Shu points of the Lungs, may be used to draw up toxicity from deep inside the body.

Detoxification is a crucial part of any recovery program. We need to be able clear toxic substances from our bodies in order to be free from their influence. Cupping therapy is very useful in accomplishing that goal.

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