Society is coming to a point of readiness on a large scale for a shift in paradigm. The weight of our pursuit of satisfaction is becoming a pathology and opiates/drugs a re symptom of the need for quiescence in a sped up mixed up shook up sped up world.

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 Recovering The Way Qigong merges a simple but elegant mind body practice with the principles of recovery to bring about an enduring sense of calm and wellness. 


What is the opposite of Too Much? It is Enough. What is the opposite of Not Enough? I

"Cloud Hands" is a Qigong Meditation which incorporates movement and contemplation on the notion of host mind and guest mind. With 1000 guests in our head, who is the one that hosts them all?

“Finding Our Higher Power” is a modified Qigong movement that helps us connect with the Divine through our heart-mind (mind + body.) Don’t let its simplicity fool you.

Recovering The Way Qigong as explained by Josie Weaver, President of The Healer Within Foundation. HWF, a nationally renown IRS 503(c) NFP based in Santa Barbara sees the benefit of mixing mind body meditative movements with the psycho emotional benefits of the 12 step program.

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This video is about Developing The Qi Field.We enter into a wordless Mind-Body continuum, manifesting
what we would call Qi.

Recovering The Way Qigong (RTW) merges the mind/body practice of Qigong - gentle movement, centered breath, and meditation with the principles of Recovery to bring about an enduring sense of calm and wellness.

People find their way into Self Help programs because they have not been able to attain a level of peace and wellness in their lives that permits them to live with the sense of ease and freedom they believe might be attainable.

Recovering the Way's 'Grounding The Kite’ helps to unite, root and ground ourselves using simple
Qigong combined with effective visualization. For more information please contact us.