Recovery of the Way Qigong™

Recovery programs have helped millions deal with their issues. Yet many people in recovery confide that they remain physically and mentally tense, unable to find balance or quietude, even after years of work. What’s more, those of us in recovery no longer have the luxury of a drink or a drug to temporarily alleviate these symptoms. The truth of the matter is that we still feel as if we were riding a wild horse. We may have become more skilled at managing our lives, but often there is still a profound sense of discomfort, a disconnect between mind, body, and spirit. Qigong is a transformational process that can be surprisingly useful in recovery. This is a resource that enables us to tap into power in the Universe and within ourselves to help us to heal. Merging Chinese Medicine and the principles of Recovery, Qigong compliments any type of recovery by:

  • Providing a sense of serenity

  • Connecting us with our Higher Selves

  • Releasing blocks to progress

I developed this program as an outgrowth of my own journey in recovery and now share it with people interested in broadening their horizons in terms of wellness. Recovery of the Way Qigong™ is a simplified and direct method of mind-body wellness, tailored to engage our inborn capacity for healing and recovery. This approach to Qigong merges superb mind/body practices—gentle movement, breath training, meditation, acupressure, and compassionate self- awareness—to bring about an enduring sense of calm and wellness. In the process, one becomes attuned to a vibrant continuum that can be leveraged through breath and movement. This is an experience that is both restorative and healing. The practice of Qigong supports an inborn sense of awareness and intelligence. Increased self-awareness serves to reveal and clear aspects of unwellness that could otherwise stagnate and burst forth as anger, depression, illness, or a return to addiction. In fostering coherence between the Body and Mind we train ourselves to experience the inseparable “HEART/MIND.” This is critically important in a disorder that manifests in body, mind, and spirit.